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Welcome to || Green Websites ||
With Us You can
Improve your site's energy efficiency and your visitor engagement...

Improve your site's energy efficiency:

Studies show that websites lose more Visitors due to slow page load times than anything else.
With our Online Energy Saver, you can make sure that your website loads as quickly as possible.
This not only increases your visitors, but also reduces network electricity consumption and improves your page rank on search engines.

Improve your visitor engagement:
Proudly display that your website is providing information to visitors' computers with a carbon neutral experience.
Encouraging each visitor to view more of your pages and generate more audience and attention.
Our project develops Green websites and blogs, which is easy to be done on any website or blog just by adding a small java script.
The idea is that a lot of small improvements make a large impact if they are spread out on a large enough number of websites,
which will hopefully make the web less of a burden to the environment.

And we can contribute to make a Green Earth.
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You are welcomed to give your suggestions and comments for our work at our Contact Us page.

Lets make a
Green Earth


thank you! i'm using on my angel website

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